Battery draining/swollen

If your battery has overheated, drains quickly, or has distended, it needs replacing.

The problem is likely caused by the following:

  • – faulty battery
  • – use of generic charger
  • – physical or liquid damage to the battery
  • – allowing multiple third-party apps to continually update and refresh in the background
  • – data use in the background such as video streaming, music streaming and frequent syncing
  • – frequent email/text messaging, calls and internet usage
  • – using device in extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • – turned on wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi

We recommend you stop using the device immediately if you notice the battery is swelling, or bulged. Do not attempt to charge or use the device.

Let the IntelliFix experts take care of this issue for you. We can replace your battery within 15 Minutes!

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