Device not charging

A cellphone or tablet that is not charging properly or worse not charging at all can be a real pain. It’s a problem many of us have experienced at some point – at the end of a long day your phone is on the brink of dying. You get home, plug it in and… nothing happens.

Often the issue is the small metal socket in the USB port, which could be damaged, faulty or bent in a way that it doesn’t make proper contact with the charging cable. That can be frustrating enough, but trying to diagnose the issue can be even more so.

Luckily the experts from IntelliFix has you covered with the right fix. We can repair your dock connector/charging port within 30 Minutes.

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Our on-site repair service is only available in Cape Town, South Africa (more locations coming soon!). Please use our Collect & Deliver service if you reside outside of Cape Town.

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 “To continually raise the bar and be the pioneers in the retail mobile device repair industry.”

IntelliFix is a family owned business that provides fast, professional and affordable repair services for all your mobile devices. Our convenient services include on-the-spot repairs and an express collect and deliver repair service. Our expert repairs come approved with a full 365-day warranty. Booking your device is easy, simply click the link below to get started! All repairs 100% guaranteed.

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